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Formula SAE


What is Formula SAE?

Formula SAE, Society of Automative Engineers (SAE) is an engineering competition between universities organized every year since 1981 where students from many countries throughout the world participate with their designs of single seater open cockpit race cars of formula type.

Even though in Turkey few people are informed about it, due to the huge interest abroad, this organization, receiving the support of the giant organizations from the automotive industry it is held 7 times in a year in 6 different countries (USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Australia). Formula SAE, enables the participants to gain experience in the fields of engineering, team work, budget management, public relations and production.

In the organization of Formula SAE, the teams try to design the concept of “a vehicle for amateur weekend racers that an automotive company would like to put on sale”. In this regard, besides having good acceleration, braking, traction and durability properties, the aesthetics, the cost, ergonomics, ease of maintenance and manufacturability must also be considered.

There are 8 stages in the Formula SAE competition. Considering the gained success of the teams in these stages, they are being evaluated over a total of 1000 points.

But one cannot just say ok, let’s compete…At first the vehicles are being controlled in a detailed way by a jury which checks (even the screws) if the vehicle conform the design and safety rules determined by the Formula SAE.

Then comes the stage where the vehicle design is presented to the jury; next is the stage of business plan presentation aiming the selling of the vehicle to an automotive company and the third stage is cost presentation where the competitors defend the authenticity of the cost report. These three stages are referred to as “Static Stages” within Formula SAE and are worth 300 points in total.

Next are the “Dynamic stages” where the vehicles race against time on the track. These stages are: Acceleration, drawing the shape of 8, Autocross (a track racing where the vehicle goes between figureheads); Durability (an Autocross stage consisting of several rounds) and Fuel economy stage. These stages are worth 700 points in total.

The points scored from the above mentioned 8 stages in total, determine the ranking of the teams.

Who we are?

We are the team of ITU Formula SAE which has had the honor to represent our country by showing a small part of what can be done in terms of design using the skills and knowledge of Turkish engineer candidates. We have a long way ahead us. Our goal is to take top honors in this race and as a pioneer in this field, encourage the other universities to participate and organize the Formula SAE competitions in our country as well.




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