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Friendship Forest

Alfanorm in January 1997, with the permission from the Directorate of Environment and Forestry, for the “Alfanorm Friendship Forest” began planting trees in Demircikoy, Kilyos. Within two years it planted 650 pine trees which later were given as Christmas gifts to the customers. To the ones interested even the certificates containing the names were given. more...


Waste Battery
Collection Project

After the speech of the president of TEMA Hayrettin Karaca regarding the damage the waste batteries are causing to the nature, Ates Oztan by designing a box for collecting waste batteries developed this project… After learning from the speech of Hayrettin Karaca, that one battery causes the dead of billions of living creatures that live within 1 m3 soil, Ates Oztan who now had a better understanding of the waste problem, begun to be interested in this issue. more...

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