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Alfanorm Continues with Training
Supports in the Industrial
Advertising Sector

Alfanorm, which is leaving behind its technology importer position and recently wraps itself up in a technology exporter position, continues to take part in the social responsibility projects within the industrial advertising industry.more ...




Formula SAE

Formula SAE, Society of Automative Engineers (SAE) is an engineering competition between universities organized every year since 1981 where students from many countries throughout the world participate with their designs of single seater open cockpit race cars of formula type. more ...


itu fsae


ITURO 2013
Award Ceremony

Hello dear Young brothers,

My name is Ates Oztan, I am a master architect graduated from the Istanbul Technical University. First of all I would like to congratulate the award winning contestants for the success they achieved in the competition. I would also like to thank and most important to congratulate with all my heart the competitors that were eliminated before the beginning of the competition or that did not get a degree, because of their courage for participation. more ...





The Love

10 years ago, in order to provide support to primary schools in villages, Ates Oztan began a project with the motto “A Love Library in Every Village Primary School”. Up until now within the scope of this project, libraries were established in more than 700 schools and about 150.000 books were donated. more ...


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