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Friendship Forest

Alfanorm in January 1997, with the permission from the Directorate of Environment and Forestry, for the “Alfanorm Friendship Forest” began planting trees in Demircikoy, Kilyos. Within two years it planted 650 pine trees which later were given as Christmas gifts to the customers. To the ones interested even the certificates containing the names were given.

Later, in collaboration with ÇEKÜL a project was carried out where over 5000 trees were being planted…

Pine tree features:

25 m long, a tall tree which is flat-topped when is ripe

Its soft light colored leaves are 8cm long.

Its cones are oval and smooth, in bright brown color.

It has large edible seeds (pine nuts).

Due to the cold effect of the sea in Black Sea, Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, it is distributed in narrow strips.

It is a beautiful and impressive tree that can live for 250 years.



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