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General Information Request

Alfanorm has always been open and pleased for sharing information. You may contact us for any questions or problems without any hesitation. To contact us, please send an e-mail by pressing the "Submit" button below. Please do not forget to write your Name-Surname as well as contact information in your e-mail.


Contact the Human Resources

Alfanorm's core business is to make the dreams of the innovation team come true through TUBITAK, EU , Development Agency, etc. projects with its core staff who are creative, hardworking and open to the brand-new world technologies. Besides this, Alfanorm also meet the innovative solution demands of industrial companies (clients) by product designing, R&D studies, modelling and/or prototyping facilities. If your background, competencies and dreams are appropriate for working in an innovative environment, then please join Alfanorm's core team by sending your CV with inclusion of your real knowledge, experiences and dreams.

Current Job Listings;


Mechanical EngineeringSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Mechatronics EngineeringSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Software Development EngineeringSSSS



Alfanorm Design Architecture Engineering Ltd. Sti.

Tekstilkent A20 Blok No: 43
34235 Esenler - Istanbul/TURKEY

Tel: +90 (212) 438 18 68
Fax: +90 (212) 438 18 70






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