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ITURO 2013
Award Ceremony

The speech of ITRÖ 2013 Sponsor and Founder of Alfanorm Mr. Ates Oztan

Hello dear Young brothers,

My name is Ates Oztan, I am a master architect graduated from the Istanbul Technical University. First of all I would like to congratulate the award winning contestants for the success they achieved in the competition. I would also like to thank and most important to congratulate with all my heart the competitors that were eliminated before the beginning of the competition or that did not get a degree, because of their courage for participation. I recommend them not to give up because of their failures, but instead to continue participating and trying hard. I am sure after a few years they will achieve the success they desire.

During my professional and business life I witnessed a variety of organizations. I myself did a lot of organizations. I also saw organizations made by completely professional teams. When I looked at the team organizing the ITÜRO Robot Olympics, I learned that the OTOKON Club founded by 100 students that come from various departments of ITU has been organizing this only with the help of active guidance of the professors; in other words not receiving any professional support. Everything was thought even to the finest details. I congratulate the members of the OTOKON Club for this successful organization.

When my young friends asked me to give a speech, I asked “What do you want me to say?”. They said “Just tell what you told us”. We talked about so many things that if I tell everything I will take much of your time. Thus, I made a brief summary of what we talked through;

We must look to the future instead of the present. As long as our predictions for the future are accurate, the chances for a successful strategy will be higher. Before my speech I had a talk with the young son of the owner of the Industry Automation magazine Mr. Turan Türkmen. When I asked him “What are you going to be when you will grow up?” he said “I will be a doctor.” I told him to think again before deciding since when he will grow up due to the fast technology development there might not be any more a profession such as a doctor in the traditional sense. In those days engineers and machines will be doing this profession. For this reason I told him that while taking a decision he should bare in mind these developments and maybe choosing the branch of engineering instead would be a wiser decision for him.

Dear young people, when you will go into business, don’t think of your friend sitting next to you as the only opponent. You have to learn the power of your peers throughout the world and evaluate yourselves in regard to them. When you go into business, your competitors are going to be all the young people around the world. You have to make your life strategy accordingly.

Another issue I would like to take a stand on, is do not give up TRYING. As a nation we are prone to getting offended by failures. Therefore, we do not keep trying after the first failure. My advice to those friends whose works were unsuccessful please do not get offended and leave your works aside.

Of course there are going to be failures, with the lessons that you will get from these failures, you will try again and step by step will improve yourselves. I am sure that in two years you too will get rewards here. Do not give up trying.

My company Alfanorm is sponsoring this event. I have as well personally supported it. Without any demands by the OTOKON Club we decided to be sponsors. I would like briefly to tell the story of it.

When I visited a fair for advanced technologies in Germany last year, I saw that students from German universities take part and exhibit their works on this fair. I realized that during the fair, executives from the business and industrial world, talk to these students and exchange information regarding work. When I saw this implementation which supports preparation of the students before they graduate, I thought to myself, “How can I support my own school?” Therefore we decided to become sponsors of this activity. We did not tend any commercial interest in this support. I had only one request from our young friends. “When you will finish school and become successful in the business world, you will come back to your school and support the new generations.” I am asking you all, when you will enter the business world, please look back to your school, city, town or village and ask yourselves, what can I do? In what way can I support?

Since this is my school, I would like to address a constructive criticism as well. I asked “Are there any professors that participated?” unfortunately there aren’t any. I would have wanted to see the Rector, the Vice Rectors, the Department Heads or at least the professors. I know they attended the opening ceremony. However this ceremony was just the harvest of workings done during the whole year. If they were here on this important day, they would have had the chance to mesh with the students and form tight friendships. They missed the most effective public relations opportunity. I hope next year they will all join this event.

Finally, I would like to thank to Elif Bengisu Saygi and Ilke Demirtas from the Otokon Club with whom I have a strong relationship and whose great efforts I have witnessed, as well I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to meet Bartu Durak, Gediz Morgul, Emrecan Gidik and Dilara Caglar. I wish them all success in their lives.

Thank you for listening.

Ates Oztan
Master Architect (ITU)

ITU Maslak Süleyman Demirel Cultural Centre 13 April 2013






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