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The creativity of Ates Oztan, the founder of the company, helps our carefully selected team to bring unique inventions in the frames of liberal design into life.

By bridging different disciplines and having an extended vision, we are capable of creating truly authentic and revolutionary designs. By adding the creative energy of our great team to this process, we ensure continuous, seamless, and efficient innovations. In this way we create truly exclusive products which offer surprisingly unexpected technological solutions.

These solutions, by means of technical and creative expertise, build the values which help the enhancement of the position in both the national and international competitive markets. In collaboration with other manufacturers, these valuable inventions that create exciting experiences will make industrial life easier.

With our exceptional designs we are committed to create products which by reducing the usage of Earth's natural resources will help the creation of a sustainable life regarding long term conditions.


RoadWriter, the first patented product of Alfanorm, is a fully autonomous robot for horizontal painting of signs and symbols... Read more




We have knowledge and experience in a wide range of design areas, including machinery, equipments and system solutions for the industry. In addition to this experience, our team of engineers and designers possess creative competencies and problem-solving skills. Thus, in practical terms, we literally act as and become an extension of our clients' in-house design team for finding the perfect approach to minimize risks and create opportunities for value-added innovations.

Our multi-disciplinary industrial design and engineering team is specialized in helping deliver new products or equipments as well as value added solutions and modularity by minimalist and futuristic approaches.

The innovation, design, engineering and other processes of our company exist to optimize or improve clientsbusiness by engaging in projects together for maximizing their production capacity. These kinds of production optimizations or improvements will be carried out by using the existing investments of the clients or with some additional low-cost investments. Utilizing our creative and problem-solving skills, we are dedicated to provide innovative and efficient product development or system solutions that will take our clients one step further in today's global competitive environment.

Our general design process used in the two cooperation methods we offer, is determined by professional and well-ordered steps that lead to productive solutions.

Our Design Process

Idea Creation:

Ideas can come from our clients or can be generated in-house.



We believe that power comes from different points of view and we are totally dedicated to ensure a platform for brainstorming before starting a project.

Concept Development

Transforming ideas into applicable products or solutions by utilizing multi-disciplinary experiences.


Mechanical and/or Mechatronics Developments

The critical functions of the innovations are solved by creative mechanical or mechatronics methods.


Computer-Aided Design

3D CADdesign for better expression of the innovation details.


Prototyping and Testing

Creating prototypes for validation of the design and testing the performance by minimizing further risks of clients'

Pre-Manufacturing Support

Offering consultancy services for marketing approaches carries high importance for every innovation

Preparation of Technical Guides

Service guides and User Manuals are essential at every stage of the product usage making the product or solution user-friendly

Product Packaging Solutions

Modularity is key point for easy usage and storage of the innovative product.



























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