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RoadWriter, the first patented product of Alfanorm, is a fully autonomous robot for horizontal painting of signs and symbols on roadways and all other types of surface.

RoadWriter's Working Principles

RoadWriter autonomously, accurately and cleanly applies horizontal markings on roadways, a job done by highway directorates and municipalities using conventional methods based on manual labor.

Due to its visual processing function, it is able to recognize existing road markings, diagnose the condition of worn out ones, and repair them meticulously when needed, without having to erase them.

RoadWriter can be used by operators all around the world, requiring only a basic training. Its digital library contains all signs and symbols used by different countries, complying with their standards and regulations.

RoadWriter's Advantages

Today, the number of skilled workers who can manually apply road markings with high precision is steadily falling. Unable to find such workers, firms and institutions turn to less skilled workers to get the jobs done, which results in substandard applications.

Because it works autonomously, RoadWriter always works with the utmost level of precision and quality. Regardless of his/her initial skill level, any worker can start applying road markings with perfection, after taking the simple training.

RoadWriter can be used in other areas besides roadways, such as sports fields, airports, shopping malls, virtually everywhere where horizontal markings are needed.

Birth of RoadWriter and its Supporters

RoadWriter is one of the best examples of Alfanorm's innovative thinking.

While it was only an idea back in 2013, RoadWriter has become a tangible product in the following years. It is the first patented product of Alfanorm.

Supported first by TUBITAK, RoadWriter initially became a lab prototype, and then a field prototype, successfully completing the support program.

The next support came from the European Union, through the Horizon2020 SME Instrument, a privilege shared only by 6 Turkish projects, among around 250 of the same category.

Special Thanks

We are truly thankful to the following, for helping us develop RoadWriter:


















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