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The founder of our company, architect-engineer Ates Oztan, believes that important and valuable inventions are created by the interaction of the information and experiences gained from different markets and multi-disciplinary workouts. Based on this foundation, we have created our unique style of design which combines the innovative futuristic touch with minimalism and practicality.

While innovative solutions improve industry efficiencies, they also provides convenience in life, where it becomes highly valuable when the limited resources of the environment are used wisely.

We believe that these kinds of results can be achieved by stimulating these multi-disciplinary values in the entire R&D system, design and engineering workouts as well as the entire innovative processes of the inventions.


Throughout our 30 years of business life, our main experience and knowledge source being the industrial design, we have widened our range of areas to include consultancy and marketing applications.

As of 2013, based upon the gained experience and knowledge, our company has totally focused on R&D and innovation with a futuristic approach. In this framework, we are offering two types of cooperation methods to the market as follows:

  • Providing our own patented innovative designs to clients, where the prototypes are produced and the design is ready for final production as well as supporting our clients’ production processes
  • Providing machinery, equipment, material and/or system solutions to meet our clients’ demands that will leverage their position in today's competitive market by offering first-class services for patent, prototype and/or mass production problems and consultancy for manufacturing processes through a mutual workout


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